-docker- 📖 5 min

Automating Docker container base image updates with Watchtower

The vast majority of Dockerfiles start from a parent image (a base image), which are part of our docker containers, the base from where our projects are built. These base images (normally) are being updated frequently, and we need to follow the updates to not keep our project outdated. Watchtower help us with this frequent updates, managing them seamlessly for our projects.

-azure- 📖 9 min

Replacing self-hosted agents with ephemeral pipelines agents in Azure DevOps

Sometimes we are in need of using self-hosted agents in our pipelines due to our Azure Resources not being exposed on the internet, and only accessible via a private network, because we are excluded from using Microsoft-hosted agents, and we need to maintain a pool of self-hosted agents. In this case, Ephemeral Pipelines Agents could be our solution to get rid of self-hosted agents (for deployment purposes).

-learning- 📖 3 min

Understanding and managing peer dependencies in your project

It's very common in JS projects when using several libraries with frameworks that we experience some type of peerDependencies warning in the console (using npm or yarn). These warnings are somewhat confusing are normally ignored. Let's learn more about peerDependencies and have our warnings gone from our projects.

-automation- 📖 5 min

My way on automated dependency updates

In this post, I show how I manage to keep my dependencies up to date for my personal projects. For this purpose, I make use of Github Actions, Dependabot and CI/CD tools to fully automate the update of dependencies ensuring nothing breaks in the process.