Custom link shortener service using Cloudflare Workers + KV store one of my domains (privacy first focused)

This project is privacy friendly, nothing but the URL and necessary data for rate limit are collected, and after a time discarded (except for the URL if it is fair usage).

This API is easily consumed programmatically, such as through shell functions, making it trivial to shorten links on the fly. It is console / cURL friendly.
The browser frontend is available in GitHub Pages in

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Twitter Bots #

A series of Twitter bots with different purposes 👾

Azure Updates Bot (@AzureUpdatesBot)
Short Bits! Bot (@short_bits)

tldr pages browser extension #

📚 A browser extension for tldr-pages. Compatible with Chromium based browsers and Firefox.

How it works:

The extension is published in the official marketplaces for the following browsers:

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Azure DevOps Bicep Tasks #

Azure DevOps set of tasks that allow to install and run Microsoft Bicep CLI commands

This is a simple yet useful Azure DevOps set of tasks that allow to install and run Microsoft Bicep CLI commands in Azure Pipelines (cross-platform).

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dotnex #

.NET tool to execute other dotnet tools without installing them globally or in a project

A simple .NET tool to execute other dotnet tools without installing them globally or in a project (a similar approach to npx from npm).

Note: This project was previously named dotnet-tool-run, but it was renamed to simplify and provide a shorter name. You can see the older package here.

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guid-ts #

Package for generating and managing globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) v4 in Typescript

Package for generating and managing globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) v4 in Typescript.

Lightweight, simple, dependency free, and reliable package.

This package provides a class which can parse and generate a GUID based on the RFC4122.
The package also expose methods to manage GUIDs.

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kube-score check #

Performing static code analysis of your Kubernetes object definitions with a Github Action

kube-score check

GitHub Action that executes kube-score with selected manifests (with support for YAML, Helm or Kustomize manifests).

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Subdomains for free using the domain (built in Angular)

Simple subdomain availability check web which helps you to configure a free subdomain in the domain (made with the NES.css awesome style).

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WTransfer #

Telegram Bot built with AWS Lambda and WeTransfer API


Bot built with Node.js in AWS which you can send files and it automatically uploads it to WeTransfer, to provide you a public link to download the file.

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Fiestas de Ejea #

Ionic (Angular), Firebase with CI/CD (

Fiestas de Ejea

Festivities info app for my native region, incuding firebase integration. Developed with Ionic (angular). Available for Android and iOS.

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Portfolio #

Angular, Typescript with CI/CD (Netlify & Travis CI)


Angular portfolio made static for my personal page, hosted on github and managed by Netlify & Travis CI to perform CI/CD.

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Adidas Assistant #

Tensorflow + Python (for recognition), Node.js (backend), MongoDB (DB), Facebook API, Recast.AI

Adidas Assistant

Facebook Bot that acts as an assistant. It is able to interpret human natural language, and perform different actions such as recognize Adidas' trainers.

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c graph #

Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SPARQL, Java Spark, Vis.js


Tools related to the visualisation of copyright evidence and/or enhance the Copyright Wiki (

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Stock Surfer #

Javascript, Phaser (HTML5)

Stock Surfer

Mobile game where you have to surf the stock graphs of several enterprises and change among them to remain above of a minimum level (colecting bonuses).

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Stores for Me! #

Javascript, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, NodeJS, Leaflet.js

Stores for Me!

Heat map of bank transactions so a customer can see where people like him/her (age, salary,...) buys more frequently.

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Linked Data Hurricanes Info #

Java Spark, Javascript

Linked Data Hurricanes Info

Web application that shows in an interactive map the zones affected by hurricanes. For that, it uses Open and Linked Data from DBPedia and Geonames.

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Process Mining for Security #

Process Mining, Data Mining, Model Driven Software Engineering, Web Information Systems

Process Mining for Security

Approach for detecting new threats in Web information systems before they materialize and produce some kind of damage. This approach is based on process mining techniques and semiautomatic creation of formal models, from the diagrams produced during the design and development phases of the system to be protected and its log files.

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PocketShop #

Java, AngularJS + Ionic, Python


A solution for small business that provides a stock, client and sales management system, using a Raspberry Pi and one or more Android devices.

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JajaTweets #

NodeJS, Express, AngularJS, MongoDB


Web Social Managing tool for Twitter, where users can add and manage multiple Twitter accounts (including all Twitter actions available). Users can also visualize stats of their accounts, short URLs and subscribe to certain Hashtags, accounts and search terms.

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WallaLinks! #

Spring Framework (Java), ExpressJS, AngularJS, MongoDB


URL-Shortener web service and platform with advanced features like protected links, expiration, admin and user panel and stats.

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WallaPet #

Android SDK, JavaEE


Android app for making simple deals between sellers/buyers of Animals and Animals in adoption.

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