FreeDNS - Subdomains for your side projects, demos, aliases...

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In my daily life, besides working as a Software developer, I'm always interested into launching new personal/side-projects. I launch simple webs, tools, try new technologies or make utilities for myself.

But how to make this projects available on the public internet?

Dynamic IPs for public projects?

Dynamic IPs for public projects?

In order to make that developments accesible anywhere I usually go and use No-IP services, which allows a single user to register three subdomains which can be dynamically updated if we don't have a static IP (DDNS). This has been specially useful for me when looking to expose an app deployed in my local network (home), normally on a Raspberry Pi.

This was until last week, that I discovered the FreeDNS service when accessing a subdomain. The project has been there since 2001 up to this day... it's advertisement free and based on open-source software.

Currently they have a pool of 61,949 domains some of them working for more than 10 years...

They offer a premium account which offers more than 50 subdomains and "extra configuration". But a standard account allows you to create 5 subdomains in shared domains which I find more than useful for publishing my projects.

Lots of subdomains...

Lots of subdomains in their registry...

If you want, you can read the FAQs of the service in order to view all possibilities.

To contribute to this project I shared publicly the domain (which I was not using...), initially focused for developers, so anybody can create their own subdomain for their side projects, or its own place!

For the main page of my shared domain I made this simple Angular page, which allows you to check for available subdomains. All with the NES.CSS style which I fell in love.

Check it out at Github!

piraces/ - GitHub

GitHub link

Do you know any similar alternatives? What do you think about FreeDNS?

Happy coding!


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