Check if an IP comes from Tor (is browsing with Tor)

The Tor Project provides a full list of IPs that are currently exit nodes in the Tor network. Exit nodes are basically the public "exit doors" from the Tor network to the public internet, so if a user is browsing with Tor and access a website in the public internet the IP of the exit node will be the IP of that user.

In this way, we can detect if a user is browsing with Tor. Using Tor is not illegal and a user that uses Tor is not malicious per se. I think it makes no sense to block all exit Tor IPs, because the most users can make a good use of Tor.

Nevertheless, you can identify it for other purposes.

There are other ways to identify if an IP is an IP of a Tor exit node:



npm install -g istorexit

And that's all! Hope its helpful...


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